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I have found TKLBAM to be very helpful for process development..  However, I have run into a few security issues where it has seemed that the best course of action is to "change" passwords with TKLBAM restore.

To date, my experience is that I have to make a new VM with the same password set at time of install, so that the TKLBAM update does not change anything and works directly.

Is there a quick way to systematically "post restore" change the passwords for the following?



admin-(for the ap)

Could this be done in the VM Build or Restore Process?

thanks in advance.

L. Arnold

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Changing the root Ubuntu and MySQL passwords is pretty easy if you know what the current ones are. You could make a bash script to do it pretty easy I would think. Perhaps you could just use the firstboot script that TKL uses to set them in the first place? Even if you don't know what they are you can do it fairly easy to (although I don't know whether you could script it that easy).

Even if you don't know what they are you can change the root OS password with a live CD (check the Ubuntu documentation - I can't recall the full process OTTOMH). Chaning the MySQL root password is also fairly easy. There is a maintenance account called 'debian-maint' (or similar - again can't 100% recall) and the password is randomly generated and can be found in one of the conf files in /etc/mysql

As for other applications, it will vary for the individual app although again perhaps you could trigger the TKL scripts that set the initial passwords on first boot. You'll need to test though to see if it'll work. Be interesting to hear how you go with it.

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