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I am wondering what I have missed. I have removed off of my turnkey applications, but on my amazon bill I am still being charged for a TurnKey Linux on EC2. Can someone point me in the right directions. I have no cloud accounts or servers on in my HUB.

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You are billed for the month in arrears so if you used it within the last month (ie June) then you will have only just been billed for it. If you have concerns then use the Hub feedback feature to contact the TKL devs directly. They do read the forums, but often go 'offline' when they are in a development cycle - which is often! However Hub feedback gets their attention!

You could also try logging directly into your AWS account and that may show you what is going on. But if you have nothing running in the Hub, but TKL still running on AWS (which was launched via the Hub) there is obviously a bug there that the devs NEED to know about.

Another possibility though, did you have backups (TKLBAM uses S3 storage by default) or an EBS volume (EBS storage is persistent - ie data stays there even after the server is stopped and you will continue to be charged for it until you delete/remove the volume).

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Hi Jeremy, I was positive that I replied to this, thank you for taking the time.


I think I need to contact the Dev's as I do not understand why I am still being charged.

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As I said, probably the best way to get their attention is log into your Hub account and look for the 'feedback' button down the left hand side.

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