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Running the Zimbra appliance and accessing the admin client at

The client hangs in the browser and just says loading.  It originally worked and has stopped 2 days after installing the appliance.

I have searched the net and cannot find any solution that works.

All i have it the loading screen saying "loading"  Any help would be great.

Server is working OK,  email in and out fine,  ZM CLI seems to work fine also.

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It may be as simple as a browser or plugin (not sure but I'd assume Zimbra probably needs Java) update that has rendered it incompatible. Although perhaps I'm wrong...?

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I have the same issue. The administration console worked just fine until I ran the script 

/usr/local/bin/zimbra-conf DOMAIN ADMIN_PASS

After running the script I can go to https://IP_or_name_of_server:7071 enter the new password and the screen hangs at loading.

The problem is the same in FireFox 13.0.1 and IE 9.

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Same issue here, I've tried chrome, firefox and IE... Same result.. Ran the same script, worked for a couple days, then can't send email from Zimbra web client and can't login into Admin console...

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I have the same exact issue. Worked for a few days but now hangs trying to login to the admin console.

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I have duplicated this problem 3 times tonight... brand new fresh installs, everything works fine... run the zimbra-conf DOMAIN ADMIN_PASS script and then the admin console just shows loading... and I can't log into the web interface either.

This was a fresh install each time... no accounts created, but I did log into the default admin account prior to running the script just to ensure everything was working fine.

It's been over a year, and while several of us have seen this problem now, it does not appear there has been any other response.  That is very discouraging.

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1: zmprov md your.domain zimbraDomainStatus active
2: zmprov fc domain
worked for me, succes
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Thank you Johns, this worked for me too :-)

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"zmprov fc domain" did help for me too.
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Hi guys, i have the same problem my managing director is on my neck please help. can you help me with a step by step process of how you resolved this issue.

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Me too - tried zmprov commands suggested by johns above - didn't work. WEEEE!

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So the chances of us being able to help you out are very slim. I recommend contacting the Zimbra community themselves. They'll be in a much better position to help you out with your Zimbra woes...

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