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I am just getting my first turnkey linux setup (LAMP Stack) and am having difficulty installing vmware tools.  I went through all the steps in the documentation and had to do the command line installation.  The only thing I did differently was that I had to create a directory on /mnt before I could run the mount command.

I remember at the end it ran the configure perl script and then finished successfully.  I restarted the system like it said, but when I click the menu at the top it still shows install vmware tools and if I try to launch Unity it says the wmware tools aren't installed.

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If you use the VM image (packaged as a zip file IIRC) then VMware tools is already installed. If you install from ISO then it should install the same as you would expect it to in Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid (the basis of TKL v11.x). I personally don't use VMware anymore so I can't really offer any practical advice beyond that.

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