For a month or so - perhaps two months, I've been running a LAMP stack on the hub with the I had to restart -r now today for a silly reason, and now the hostname isn't associated with the IP address it's getting assigned (, How do I proceed? If it's helpful, I was having this problem during the last two weeks on prototype servers - having to use the IPs rather than the hostnames I felt sure I was assigning. Need more info?

Tried the hopeful/helpful docs here ( and while I hoped very hard, it didn't resolve the issue. I'd have no problem, except Chamilo is one of those apps that wants to know it's hostname.

$ hubdns-update

updated with


for example. restart, still no luck

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Is it possible you have more than one machine configured with They might be fighting for the IP.

If not, then this is really bizarre. Could you try executing the following:


BTW, I just checked and it seems is "released". Performing the update will re-associate it with your server.

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