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can anyone help.


I have created smbusers no bother and connected a computer to my new turnkey domain, users can login no bother, and have also  tested adding a smbuser to the local pc adminstrators group, which works too.  

my problem is that I want to add  the complete smbadmins group to my administrator group on the pc so that any users that are greated in the turnkey dc smbadmins group will get admin rights when they login to the pc.

Like i said i can add smbusers no bother to local  administrators group on pc. but I cant add smbgroups to it  (either smbadmins or smbusers)  

can this be done  or is it not a working feature???


thanks  Neil

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But even if it can't surely you'd be able to write a simple batch script so Windows adds and new smbadmin users as Win Admin users. You may need to do a bit of research though. Please post back if you find a solution as it may well be handy for others trying the same thing.

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