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initramfs coming up on Joomla 15 appliance

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A running Joomla 15 appliance which had been up for several days suddenly gave me a message similar to:

Unable to connect to database, blah blah MySql.

I rebooted several times and always end up at (initramfs)

What do I need to do?

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Is it installed on hardware?

If so, my first guess would be hard drive corruption and/or dying HDD. Failing that it could be some other hardware issue (motherboard?) Although I'm only guessing.

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No its a VM on VirtualBox. Turned out to be a disk error that was fixed by fsck.

FYI, it would be nice to have an editor of some kind available from busybox to help w/debugging. I'm no linux guy so my mistake if there is one and I couldn't find it, or some other way to do it.

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