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After installing LAMP into virtualbox on ubuntu 64 bit, and trying to start the file manager, using latest version of mozilla browser, i get a "failed to get language list : java.security.AccessControlException ..." error. Browsing the web, it was suggested to clear certificates, clear cache, but nothing helps. I even upgraded webmin to the latest version using the shell.

Interestingly, an own lamp installation on ubuntu 11.04 with webmin, the file manager works. So, i am not sure what the problem is.


Any help would be much appreciated.


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But I recall when I first started using Webmin I had some problems with the java parts not working properly untill I installed sun-java-jre (rather than the open java that's installed by default). I also recall that the first time I used it there were a number of Java security warnings that had to be ticked and oked.

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The default java included in Ubuntu (and most other Linux distros) is an open source version (not sure who it's maintained by now but as far as I know Sun released it prior to the Oracle takeover). In my experience it works quite well for most things, but Webmin and the ProxmoxVE console are not 2 of them! The proprietry java supplied by Sun/Oracle (the Ubuntu package is called sun-java-jre and installed from the Ubuntu Partner repo - which is usually disabled by default) doesn't seem to have these same problems in general (although in my experience it does seem to chew a bit more RAM).

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