Where are downloaded plugins kept?

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Playing with Wordpress and trying to track down where the plugins I've downloaded are stored; have downloaded half a dozen and none are showing in the plugins folder, despite the fact they're working in the VM.

Not sure whether it's relevant (little prior experience with virtual machines), but running the VM on Ubuntu Natty.



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Shouldn't a question about wordpress plugins be posted on the wordpress forums? They should be stored in the same place regardless of OS.

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Thanks for your reply.

According to http://codex.wordpress.org/Managing_Plugins the plugins should be going to wp-content plugins folder. In that folder, under a Turnkey install, I see only one plugin and I think the one I can see - Akismet - is part of the default install.

That's why I'm asking here - I'm wondering whether the downloads are going to a different place with a Turnkey install.


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But considering that in the TKL appliance it's installed from upstream (to /var/www/wordpress) that I would imagine that it should use whatever is the default WordPress location. I would assume that it would be somewhere inside /var/www/wordpress) although it is also possible that it may be somewhere in /etc (such as /etc/wordpress) or somewhere else even?

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IIRC find is already included in TKL appliances. And apparently slocate is better than the default locate included in the findutils package but I can't comment on that.

You may find the Ubuntu wiki page on finding files useful too. Probably specifically find and locate.

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