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Is it possible to delete a session in a TKL Hub backup? I'd like to delete older sessions in a backup for an applicance without deleting the entire backup for an appliance.

Ideally it'd be helpful to have a setting in the Hub and/or on the TKLBAM section of Webmin to retain backup sessions for x days, weeks, months, etc and be able to remove individual backup sessions.


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You can specify how many full backups you would like to keep for any given server backup (set to unlimited by default).

The setting is in the backup record under Max full backups, just click change to customize the setting.

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I have specified 5 as the max full sessions but I still have many older sessions that linger, from many months ago. Is there any way to delete these?

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Answer: the individual sessions can't be deleted 'cause they are part of a logical chain. Instead, delete the entire backup, and create a new backup with the correct # of max full sessions. You'll need a new backup chain, but it will be correct.

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I have the same question...how do you delete old sessions?

The max full backups option appears to work as expected, but my sessions seem to never get deleted.

Bump... I'd like to know how to do this too. I don't need 266 sessions taking up space and costing me more money. 

How do you delete old sessions?

- John

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And click the delete button on each old, unrequired backup... There will be a warning for each one *as once they are deleted they are gone!) Obviously if you really want to delete them click "ok" (or whatever it is, I don't recall OTTOMH).

Simple as that... :)

Thanks Jeremy. I don't want to delete the whole backup, just selected sessions. Can I do that? I see that by adjusting the maximum number of full backups I got rid of a lot of old data. Is that the only way to limit/delete incremental and full sessions within one backup? - John

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No unfortunately it's not (not AFAIK anyway...) Perhaps the best way to get rid of all your old data is to set the number of full backups kept to the number you desire to keep +1 and then force a full backup. This should delete all the old full and incremental backups prior to the one you wish to keep them from.

I suspect why the devs haven't made what you are hoping for easily possible is because the incremental backups rely on all the previous incremental backups plus the full backup before. If you could easily start deleteing random backups you would break the backup chain and that could be a huge issue when it came time to restore...

Ah-hah. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

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