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i need help transfering files from windows xp to turnkey core linux guest. fdisk -l shows only the virtual disk (/dev/sda*).

Please can anyone help!!!

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If so, probably the easiest way is to use an FTP client such as Filezilla.

It should be pretty straight forward, just need to set it to SFTP (not plain FTP). Then select 'normal' login type using the root acount and the password you setup on first boot.

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Yes, I am running turnkey in a VM. After posting I tried Filezilla but no joy. I just saw your response now, thank you very much for responding, guess I was using plain FTP :( . However, I've resolved the issue by using WinSCP instead, sorry.

My next challenge is find something that will re-direct all http traffic on the physical WinXP machine to the virtual machine running on the same box. If it was a linux host I know just enough to set up iptables. But in Windows?....

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WinSCP is a fine option. Personally I prefer Filezilla, but my main rationale for that is that I use Linux a lot a like to use the same software whenever possible (and Filezilla is cross platform). At the end of the day, its whatever works for you.

Regarding your other issue. I'm not sure what virtual environment (VE) you are using but VirtualBox has a network setting called 'bridged' (default is NAT - VMware has something similar to bridged too although not sure whether its the same name). This allows the VM to get it's own IP and appears as a standalone server on the network. Much easier than port forwarding IMO.

If however you are happy (or prefer) to port forward both VBox and VMware allow for port forwarding to be setup from within the software so no need to actually configure Win itself (when using the NAT network setting from within the VE). You may also need to open a port or something in your Win firewall though.

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