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I have TurnKey fileserver running and now i want to add Torrent server ,webserver etc.  I don't want to loose my current setting ,thats why i need to add apps then Reinstall complete OS .

Any idea will be very helpful .

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So that would be a better starting point IMO. IIRC to copy your fileserver config you should just be able to copy the samba.conf file in /etc/samba (or similar - may be samba3?). Also I think that Apache is also already installed too. Assuming that's the case you just need to add a new site to /etc/apache2/sites-available and enable it with the a2ensite command.

With the help of google you should be able to work out the specifics. Just remember that TKL is based on Ubuntu 10.04 and you will find a wealth of info online about configuring Samba and Apache2.

[update] TKL Torrent Server has LigHTTPd installed as webserver. So you could just reconfigure it to host an additional site. I'm not quite so familiar with how that is done but it should be possible and you will find plenty of info online.

Good luck :)

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