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Hello I was looking for the TKL Patches I saw this link which redirects to the wiki

Current list of tklpatches

I created a login but it says I dont have permission to view page.

Someone Please help me out a bit =]

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I suspect it may have been the unintended consequence of some website maintenance the core devs have done. IIRC that page used to be viewable by any and all (and should still be that way IMO).

Anyway I'm assuming that your desire is not just to see a list of patches anyway, but to actually download one/some and try them out!? If so you are in luck because that page only links back to the relevant forum posts anyway (although it does list them all together in a nice way). Most of the patches themselves are attached to the relevant posts or download links provided in the posts. 

So the best way to go is to just use the forum tag 'tklpatch' (on the left panel or just click here). Or if you after one in particular the search box (top right) will be your friend :) You may find some of the patches are now a little out of date and may require update/tweaking to be useful. If you find any like that and you wish to update them, please post a new thread (you can only attach files to the first post of a thread). If/when you do that I'll edit the OPs and add a link to your updates.

Have fun :)

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Thanks a bunch ill use the tklpatch query string. Im pretty excited to start creating my own patches!! =]]

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I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. If you're quick and the devs think it's a worthy addition, your patch(es) may even make it into the v11.x part 2 release (which should be coming soon hopefully).

You are probably around it already, but just in case, a couple of words of advice...

  • Make a new thread in the general section when you post your patch (only the first post of a thread can have attachments).
  • Make sure you (at least) add the tag 'tklpatch' on your post so the devs (and others) can easily find your patch.
  • I suggest you use a version number for your patch (eg tklpatch-test1) as there is a Drupal bug (the TKL website CMS) that renames subsequent uploaded files with the same name (it appends a version number at the end). So if you modify your patch and reupload with the same name it won't work without first renaming it (eg tklpatch-test1.tar.gz will become tklpatch-test1_1.tar.gz or something similar). For the patching process to work properly the patch must contain a folder of the same name as the patch inside (eg tklpatch-test.tar.gz must contain a folder tklpatch-test inside with all the contents of your patch inside that). Using the tklpatch-bundle command for packaging your completed patch takes care of that bit for you.

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