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OpenID Login Failure (with google account)

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when I try to log into the turnkey hub with my google account, I'm getting an OpenID failure message:

OpenID failure An error occured with your OpenID.
Please try Login or Sign up again.
OpenID authentication failed: Server denied check_authentication

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I tried creating a new Turnkey Hub account that isn't linked to my google account and entered in my Amazon keys, but it didn't recognize the EC2 appliances I had linked to my old account. Is there any way to re-link this? If I log into Amazon, I can still launch the virtual appliance via the EC2 control panel.


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Please don't use the new account...

We'll look into the OpenID issue - first time this has been reported.

TurnKey Hub accounts will only display instances launched from that account, no matter the EC2 credentials - this is by design.

Please don't use the new account, rather request a password reset on the login form so you get access to your original account. Could you also send us a message with the email of your second account using the feedback tab so we can delete it.

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Thanks for the quick response

The password reset on the correct account worked.  I can log in to the first account using a username and password now, but I'm still getting an error when I try to use my google OpenID.  I sent you the email address for the second account.

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OpenID issue fixed

It took me a while to track this issue down, but it's now fixed.

For those interested, we are using the python-openid library to provide the OpenID functionality. We inadvertantly broke OpenID with some providers due to a regression/bug/feature of python-openid which will import pycurl if its available in the python path - but google doesn't like pycurl...

Why did we install pycurl in the first place? Well, we installed cloudtask for some testing, which installed hubtools, which installed pycurl-wrapper, which installed python-pycurl, providing pycurl to python-openid - resulting in the breakage.

Thanks for reporting the issue, and sorry for the late fix.

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