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Restoring a JOOMLA backup to a JOOMLA15 appliance is not recommended.
For best results, restore to a fresh JOOMLA installation instead.
Where does one find this on the cloud.  I am confused.  Could you point to instruction on how to launch a full Joomla Backup to the cloud?
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So log into the Hub and create your new server (obviously selecting Joomla15). If it is an old legacy version you were running (ie v2009.x rather than the current v11.x) then you will find the legacy image via the link to the right of the image selection dropdown.

IIRC you can put the details of the backup you wish to restore there and it will boot, update packages and auto restore your backup. If you encounter any issues along the way, I suggest that you use the 'feedback' feature (on the left hand side when you are logged into the Hub).

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