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Restored backup to the cloud - missing folder

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I tried to restore a joomla 1.6 turnkey backup to the cloud using the hub. It restored ok, but I am missing an important folder I have created in /usr/share.

How do the TKLBAM work in this regard? Are there any "special" folders that are not backed up and thus is not restored, or is this a bug?


Eyvind B

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Not a bug; /usr/share should be read only, static data!

[edit] Jeremiah beat me to it! And he gave you a heap more practical info too! Oh well I'll leave my reply here anyway... :)

In other words, according to the FHS (Filesystem Heirarchy Standard) the only data that should be in /usr/share is put there by apps installed by package managment. And as TKLBAM checks for additionally installed packages, anything there would be replaced during restore when the package is automatically reinstalled (assuming the app in question was from a default repo). OTOH if the data comes from a package from a custom repo or from a manually installed deb, then it should be replaced when the package is (manually) reinstalled. As such, there should be no need for TKLBAM to backup anything from there.

As an end user, putting folders in /usr/share is considered 'naughty'! I guess that doesn't help you much right now though. Hopefully you have a copy of the data in question somewhere!?

For the record, TKLBAM doesn't scan your whole harddrive for files to backup, it only looks in specific places. That is why backups can be so small (and fast to backup). Assuming you follow the FHS rules that shouldn't be an issue. Having said that, if you wish it to backup files in other ('naughty') places you can force it too, although you are probably better off just putting stuff you want backed up in places it will look.

Hopefully this discovery hasn't caused you too much pain, but I guess this is a good example of how important it is to test your backups before you need them, to ensure that you don't get any nasty surprises.

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