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Hi, I'm having issues accessing my magento appliance via a web browser. When I try to type in the IP address assigned by my home dhcp server, it just forwards to whatever the domain setup was,


I just want to test with the http://ipaddress/


What do I need to do?

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You just need to re-run the first boot script. From the commandline:


I think that you should be able to use an IP address rather than a FQDN.

Another way (or if it won't let you set an IP) is to leave the appliance as-is and just add an entry to your local machine hosts file (ie the machine with the web-browser you are trying to use). To do that I suggest you google your specific OS and you should find easy instructions on that. Basically you will just need to point the FQDN to the IP.

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setting the ip in the script worked. Thanks.

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Glad to hear it worked, and good to know for sure for future reference. Thanks for posting back.

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