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help guys, stuck on install. where is my API key?

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Does anyone know where i can find my API key for wordpress turnkey install. I had a big clean out and deleted all my emails, so if it was in an email sent to me, can I request another? How? Any advice appreciated...
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Hub API Key

If you are referring to the Hub API Key, it's displayed in your Hub profile: https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/profile/

Also note that you can skip that step during installation, and configure it later for TKLBAM and HubDNS as required.

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thank you for the help.

I didnt realise I had to be registered on a different site.. I had only registered on this site..  After your advice, I went and registered on that turnkeyhub site and got my api key.. So that problem is all sorted, thank you for that.. How come the two different sites for the same install?

One other question if I may, I have come to a point in the install where I have a box that doesnt appear to give me any options to go futher forward with the install, and there is no option to finish the install.

I have taken a screen shot I could upload if you want. At the bottom of the box it says
"Make sure that you are logged on to the guest operting system. Mount the virtual CD drive in the guest, launch a Termianal, and us tar to uncompress the installer. Then, execture vmware-install.pl to install VMware Tools"

I'm wondering what to do from this point. What is the guest operating system that i am supposed to log in in to? Are they talking about the linux (turnkey-word press) install on vmware that I am in the process of installing? And can I close the open install box now? I'll post a screen shot of it shortly.

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Glad you're all sorted

But just for completeness, it is not required to register for a Hub account, but it is recommended so you can enable backups and take advantage of other features, such as dynamic DNS.

The screen you are referring to is called the "configuration console". Once you reach that screen your system should be up and running, and you can use your web browser to log into your new server using the IP address displayed.

As for VMWare tools, if you are using the OVF / VMDK download, vmware-tools are already installed.

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and accidentally closed the tool bar on the bottom as can be seen from the screen shot and now cant open it.. lol

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just remembered this post..

just remembered this post.. Sorted I think.. cheers guys.

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yep, i got it sorted.. cheers guys.

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