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I've just signed up and am trying to launch a micro instance, I'm already using micros directly through AWS so they are working fine with my AWS account, I'm stuck though with the error message "Your Amazon EC2 account does not support Micro instances. Click here to enable it."

I've refered a friend and still can't launch micro instances - is this a known issue?


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Could you please use the feedback option in the Hub to send this message so I can take a look at your account (the feedback will be connected to your Hub account).

Additionally, what browser/version are you using?

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I had this issue the other day. You have to invite 5 friends...not just go back to launch a new server, and click the invite button 5 times, each with a different email address in the box.

Let me know if that helps!


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Tom, your comment is correct - though we are working on streamlining this process.

Ben's issue was actually due to a bug which has now been fixed in the Hub. He had enabled EBS backed instances which includes Micro instance support, but due to the bug I mentioned he was receiving the notification.

Anyway, everything should be working as expected now...

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