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Hey guys, 

Installed wordpress turnkey a while ago and it's working great.  The only thing is I also want to host a simple couple html page site using a different port on the same server.  I had tried creating a new virtual host and pointing it to the right directory, but I've had no luck.  I've also made sure to open up the port on the firewall as well.  It seems as if it should work, but I still can't connect to the site.

Are there some kind of apache settings special to the turnkey wordpress installation that is preventing this?  Some of the config giles appear different than a few of the guides I'm reading online.  Anybody have some insight into this?

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The setup of Apache2 under Debian/Ubuntu (and therefore TKL too) is not quite standard, so you are probably best consulting Ubuntu/Debian documentation on setting it up. TKL doesn't have a firewall enabled by default so that step should not be required. You will also need to make sure Apache is listening on the port you are trying to use (IIRC it's something like /etc/apache2/ports.conf ??)

Also (as you're probably no doubt aware) you need to restart Apache after making config changes.

Apache config isn't a real strength of mine, but if you are still experiencing this issue, please feel free to post your config files that aren't working and perhaps someone else could help out?

Good luck (and sorry for delayed response).

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