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hub-launch error

Hi, I am trying to launch a new VM from a backup with the following command:

hub-launch 39 --region=us-west-1 --size=c1.medium --type=s3 --label=weatherization-nwtp.nterlearning.org --root-pass=password --db-pass=password --app-pass=password --app-email=admin@nterlearning.org --fqdn=weatherization-nwtp.nterlearning.org

and I am getting the following error: NameError: global name 'account' is not defined

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/volatile/hub/apps/amazon/api/handlers.py", line 54, in _inner
    return func(self, request, **kwargs)

  File "/volatile/hub/apps/amazon/api/handlers.py", line 41, in wrapper
    return func(self, request, **kwargs)

  File "/volatile/hub/apps/amazon/api/handlers.py", line 233, in create
    subscribed = account.is_subscribed_s3()

NameError: global name 'account' is not defined
I have run this same command successfully a number of times before, but maybe I am missing something this time around??
Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks for reporting the issue. I just released a fix, if you could confirm that would be great.



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