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Hey guys,

Not sure what's going on here, but I'm assuming it's an EC2 issue. Anywho, I've been working on a WordPress site install via TKL on EC2 micro instance. I've never seen anything load so fast other than like Google.

Everything was great until mid-afternoon yesterday. With no warning, the site just started crawling as I was building the theme and pages. It was excrutiating.

Come back this morning, and again it's flying, really fast. And then all of a sudden - BOOM. Hit a brick wall again. As I type this, pages are taking like 2-3 minutes to fully load. FTP is slow and unresponsive, sometimes timing out during a JPG transfer that should otherwise take 1/3 of a second. The backend of WordPress is crawling as well.

It's a broad issue with a whole lot of potential culprits, I know:

1. could be the database taking forever to load for some reason

2. I noticed it started yesterday when I started to build this page: It's all HTML tables. (I didn't write it - I'm taking over for my client's old web developer and would really rather not have to re-write this).

3. Then again today, as soon as I started toying with the code on this page, the slowdown started again.

Any thought/advice?



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I'm not an expert but I suggest you do a bit of detective work to see if the culprit is EC2, the design of your site or something else. To achieve this you could:

1) Run a copy of your site on your local PC (using something like VMPlayer). If you get the same problems on your PC, then it's not EC2 at fault.

2) Create another site on your EC2 account using the basic, out of the box, Wordpress install. If this site runs fast and slow in synch with your main site, then it must be something to do with the infrastructure they're both running on.

3) If you have access to an old version of your site on another host, see if this is running OK. If it's suffering the same problems then it could be the site design or something to do with your browser/network setup.

4) Try accessing all the above on another PC/laptop with a different browser on another network to see if it's something to do with you setup.

Good luck!

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