Unable To login into the metasploitable OS. I've tried searching the entire web for the commands that allow me access inside but i cant find any. First is this: Metasploitable Login: I use 'msfadmin' as username and password here to get the next line: msfadmin@metasploitable:~$ What next now... This seems like a noob question, but i just cant get any proper answer to this anywhere.. Could someone please give me a complete tutorial on how to use metasploitable. I have the metasploitable on one VMware workstation and backtrack5 on another VMware workstation. How do i configure metasploitable... I posted this question on another forum but got very little detail on how to use metasploitable. Seriously need an immediate answer to this as soon as possible!! thnx
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metasploitable is not a turnkey based system so I don't think you'll get much help here.


You might want to try  at the metasploit community if you haven't already. Links can be found in the metasploitable announcement: http://blog.metasploit.com/search/label/metasploitable

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