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Changing the filesystem type for the Joomla 1.6/11.2 Lucid distribution

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Hi there --

I am going through the motions of installing the Joomla 1.6/11.2 Lucid appliance, and I need to change the filesystem type from ext4 to ext3 for the root filesystem. This is due to the fact that our backup software does not recognize the former type.

Would there be any adverse effects made to the general health of the appliance if I made this configuration change?  Thanks.

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I wouldn't think it would make a huge difference

In my experience the ext4 filesystem is a little more responsive and definately helps reduce boot times. Although boot times are not really a factor with a server. Unless your server will be under heavy load I doubt you would notice any real world difference to the performance of your server. There probably are some limitations to the ext3 filesystem but I doubt it would be an issue. Just my 2c...

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