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How to install software? [Solved]

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How do I upload files to the server? I would like to install IP.Board.


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Answer: Tools > File

Answer: Tools > File manage.

Sorry about guys. I spead about 1 hour searching before posting. Ended up stumbling on it.

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You can also use an SFTP client.

Personally I prefer Filezilla (cross platform) but there are plent of others (WinSCP - Win only AFAIK - is another that gets mentioned a lot).

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I have Filezilla installed

I have Filezilla installed but isn't that for FTP? How do I connect?

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Filezilla can do SFTP too

FYI SFTP is FTP over SSH. To use SFTP in Filezilla, you just select it from the 'protocol' drop down in 'Site Manager'. Then you also need to select either 'normal' (if you want to save your password in Filezilla) or 'Ask for password' (if you want to type it in each time). 'root' is the username.

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