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I created a point of sale system that pops open a cash drawer using the following command:

<?php system('echo>com4'); ?>

This works on my development machine, but once I throw it in Turnkey LAMP, the command will not run. Even though that port is being occupied by the host machine, the LAMP virtual machine will not identify it.

How do I get this port to register on the virtual machine as well? I've tried setting up the COM port settings in Virtualbox but nothing seems to work. I'd appreciate any help I can get on this, it's the last piece of the project that I'm stuck on.

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I've never tried this myself but in Linux, the serial ports are named /dev/ttyS* (/dev/ttyS0==COM1, /dev/ttyS1=COM2, etc) and not COM1-COMx

I found a little tutorial on the web that may help, check out:

I'd be interested in know if you can get it to work, please post back as to if you have any success.

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