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Bare Metal Install Turnkey Lamp

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I'm jumping in to the deep end here, and hope someone can provide step-by-step instructions for a novice.

Used VM and got everything to work nicely using Turnkey Lamp and Joomla! Akeeba backups of my site. So now I want to create my own joomla server.  Assume I can start with the Lamp ISO on bare metal. Great, got it installed.  I can log in to the machine (root), but now what?  Where's my browser?  First time building a machine from an ISO, have to start somewhere!  Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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Browser ? Webmin, Webshell or Webpage

Each TKL Appliance can be accessed, generally from 4 places (add the colon and port number "http://yourip:12321"

webmin (http://yourip:12321)


mysql (http://yourip:12322)


You can try Akeeba backup to a Lamp install.  It might also work with the Joomla ap itself (I recomend this as you get a much more compact set of backups and restores)...If you mess up just try again.

Depending upon how big your site is though you might consider just rebuilding then you get a really clean system.  I did this going from 1.5 to 1.6 for instance.  You can start migrating easily from 1.6 on up in Joomla.

 You will love having your own system.

Good Luck!

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Your browser is on any other PC connected via network!

As these appliances are designed to run as headless servers the idea is that it just sits in the corner with no monitor, mouse or keyboard connected. Personally though I like to set a static IP while a monitor etc is still connected, that way the machine will retain the same IP even if it gets rebooted.

So you can just use a browser from any machine that has a network connection to your server. Personally I also use an SFTP client (Filezilla is my preference but WinSCP seems popular too) and an SSH client (I just use the SSH comandline tool from Linux, but PuTTY is good if you are working from a Windows machine).

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Thanks!  I understand now.  Time to get to work restoring my site. :)

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needed step by step bare metal install - & make bootable ISO

Need comnsice guide how to install Turnkey (Drupal) on a bare metal system with a usb DVD drive and the ISO.  I cant boot to the ISO or figure out how to access the files. I can boot and install Ubuntu via bootable ISO but can't boot from the TurnKey DVD.

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HOMER Fixed me up - slapped

HOMER Fixed me up - slapped me on the back of the head and pointe me to my stack of CD-RW;s instad of using the DVD-RW media!  DUH DVD-RW's are not bootable!

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