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I have an additional HDD that is added to the system but how do I mount it so that I can use it for storage?

I have done an installation on a Xenserver, imported the appliance and added an extra virtual disk in Xenserver to it, it shows up under "Hardware" and "Partitions on local disks". Here I can create an big NTFS partition but what is next step to do to be able to use it?



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Either add it as a new physical volume to the current logical volume (using LVM). Or you could add it as a new logical volume (again using LVM).

Or you could just use it as a separate HDD using mount/fstab.

Sorry for the lack of details. I wrote a much more expansive response originally but lost it - Firefox crashed! :( When i get a chance I'm come back and expand a little more. That should give you something to search for (all the info you should need should be here in the TKL blog/forums).

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