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Gday All

I  am new to LINUX but got a turnkey PDC installed and running on a IBM stand alone server. Works like a charm.  Four diffrent OS workstations connected and talking great.  Now the client wants to add mail. So what I am looking for is a tutorial (step by step) guide to adding Zimbra to the existing PDC accessed by the same webmin interface. 

Does this exist? Can it be done?

Have done a lot of looking on google no luck so far.


Do I need to rebuild the server from the start with all the moduals I need at the start?  Is there a tutorial for this?

Thankyou for any help


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But in practice I suspect that it would cause a whole world of pain! Or maybe not quite that bad, but a pain none the less.

Recent versions of Zimbra run only on 64bit, but currently TKL is 32 bit only. I have heard of people hacking it to get it to work on 32 bit but I have no experience with it and Zimbra will offer you no help if you run into problems or want support for it.

TKL have a Zimbra appliance but it's quite old and is based on an earlier version of Ubuntu (current TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04, the legacy/2009.x TKL was based on 8.04 - and the Zimbra version is back when they supported 32 bit OS). New 64 bit TKL appliances will be released, but no clear timeframe but I wouldn't wait because it's not clear how far away they are.

So your choices are:

  1. Hack Zimbra to work on your current IBM system
  2. Install Ubuntu 10.04 (or later) 64bit to your IBM and install Zimbra, Samba (Win filesharing software) and whatever else you want and configure it all yourself
  3. Install the legacy TKL Zimbra on another machine
  4. Install Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on a different machine and install Zimbra there
  5. Or virtualise your IBM (ie run a hypervisor OS - my recommendation is ProxmoxVE) and use TKL Fileserver VM and either option 3 or 4 as a separate VM
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Ok I will try the Vitual option as it make the server more flexible

Thanks for the help

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