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I recently signed up...

I found it quite easy to setup an instance using the hub...

Question 1: 

It seems the instance only lasts for 1 session... when i stop and turn back on.. it is gone.. I cannot get to be avaiable again.. Is this normal ?

Question 2:

Why dont these instances register in the AWS console? Do I need to setup from within AWS ?

Question 3:

Is there someone who will help me with a custom setup? Professional services?




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1. Small and Medium EC2 instances are S3 backed by default. When you turn off an S3 backed instance the S3 volume is destoryed, thus everything is gone. One way to get around this is to use TKLBAM to back up your instance prior to turning it off (andf restore when you start it again - the Hub makes this really easy). Another way to go is to enable EBS backed instances. But you still can't turn them off for extended periods of time AFAIK. There is lots of more detailed info to be found here if you're interested. Have a search (top right corner).

2. I haven't played with it enough but AFAIK TKL EC2 instances do show up on the AWS console but you need to browse to the region where they are before you can see them. I haven't tried this and am only going on what others have said. If you have a search around here you should find more info on this too.

3. Ultimately I think the TKL core dev guys would like to be able to assist with this sort of thing but at the moment have a bit much on their plate. Adrian Moya is worth talking to. He might be able to help you.

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