I just upgraded my Domain Controller Appliance to version 11.2 using TKLBAM (amazing tool BTW!) from 10.x.  The init script /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server lines 66-70 are:

    # See if our running kernel supports the NFS kernel server
    if [ -f /proc/kallsyms ] && ! grep -qE 'init_nf(sd|     )' /proc/kallsyms; then
       log_warning_msg "Not starting $DESC: no support in current kernel."
       exit 0

They cause the script to exit out and not start nfsd.  Is this mis-configured in the base 11.2 Domain Controller Appliance?  Or did my TKLBAM restore from an older version of the appliance cause the file to be overwritten with something no longer appropriate for the 2.6.32-34-generic kernel?  Or did Ubuntu mis-configure the nfs server package added to my base TurnKey install via TKLBAM?  Or do I need different packages to run nfs server than the older 10.x version of the appliance I had been running?

Thanks for the help!

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TBH I've got no idea why it didn't work, but I'd assume that some part of your config didn't copy across. Thus leaving NFS improperly installed.

I don't have much (read any) experience with NFS so I can't give you any conclusive help. But what I'd probably do is uninstall NFS and try to set it up again.

Thanks for the suggestion.  It worked.  A little digging through the tklbam-restore log identified the cause.  TKLBAM replaced the init script with one it had from the backup.  Somehow TKLBAM did not correctly identify the script as the original belonging to the nfs-kernel-server package and not needing to be backed up.

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