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Hello, got this warning on when trying to install postgresql. 
"it seems that this new installation is the only operating system on this computer...
Warning: if the installer failed to detect another operating system that is present on your computer, modifying the master boot record will make that operating system temporarily unbeatable, though GRUB can be manually configured later to boot it."
Will this affect my main operating system?
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If you are running TKL as a VM (eg under VMware or VirtualBox) then you can ignore this warning. If however you have some customised dual boot setup. then it may cause you a problem.

If that's not clear enough to you, please describe your setup a bit more and exactly what commands that you used to get you to this situation (it sounds like you are upgrading all packages - and this dialogue sounds like a grub update...)

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Very clear, thank you very much. Have it running under VirtualBox. Much appreciated.

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As a VM acts like independant machine it's not aware of your host OS and it's just checking that TKL is the only installed OS (which it is - in that VM).

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