launch hub server with DNS A record for custom domain name only

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I have a small request. I would like to launch a server on the Hub using my custom DNS domain, but I want it to add an A record for just - no hostname - so the server can respond when people use only "" However, of course, if I leave the hostname field blank in the launch-server form, it does not add an A record.

After the fact, I can add an A record no problem, but that is not as dynamic and automatic. I want to have an A record for and make a CNAME for that points to it. I realize you need to interpret a blank hostname as no hostname, but maybe you can change it such that when the hostname field equals the domain name, it will create the A record instead of 

Thank you for consideration.

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hmm.. I just tried to launch a server (restore from tklbam or completely new server) as hostname, and it did not create a DNS record. After it launched, I clicked its Hostname field with value "None" to set it. I set it as, and it did create an A record with just! But it shows up in the list of servers as So it seems the original request is technically feasible if you agree it is worth and sensible. 

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in response to my last comment... nope, it just looks that way ( in the hub UI. Querying with dig reveals it is actually created as

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