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launch hub server with DNS A record for custom domain name only

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I have a small request. I would like to launch a server on the Hub using my custom DNS domain meltymedia.net, but I want it to add an A record for just meltymedia.net - no hostname - so the server can respond when people use only "meltymedia.net." However, of course, if I leave the hostname field blank in the launch-server form, it does not add an A record.

After the fact, I can add an A record no problem, but that is not as dynamic and automatic. I want to have an A record for meltymedia.net and make a CNAME for www.meltymedia.net that points to it. I realize you need to interpret a blank hostname as no hostname, but maybe you can change it such that when the hostname field equals the domain name, it will create the A record meltymedia.net instead of meltymedia.net.meltymedia.net. 

Thank you for consideration.

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hmm.. I just tried to launch

hmm.. I just tried to launch a server (restore from tklbam or completely new server) as hostname meltymedia.net(.meltymedia.net), and it did not create a DNS record. After it launched, I clicked its Hostname field with value "None" to set it. I set it as meltymedia.net(.meltymedia.net), and it did create an A record with just meltymedia.net! But it shows up in the list of servers as meltymedia.net.meltymedia.net. So it seems the original request is technically feasible if you agree it is worth and sensible. 

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in response to my last

in response to my last comment... nope, it just looks that way (A=meltymedia.net) in the hub UI. Querying with dig reveals it is actually created as meltymedia.net.meltymedia.net.

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