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Used tklbam to restore a backed up server to the EC2. All works fine except for WebMin and Shell in a Box. The WebMin asked me to log in and I got a 'dont have access to any modules' message. Did a restart adn it never worked again. Same with Shell in a Box Only difference in the original backup was WebMin was listening on a non-standard port. I did open the firewall and try to use that port but no go. I checked the webmin.acl file and it shows that I have access to everything. Any ideas?
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But using different ports could be a minor problem. When you say you adjusted the firewall, do you mean the internal one that's included with TKL? If so, that won't do it, you'll need to adjust the security profile via AWS. I have no idea how thats done though, sorry.

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I did another full backup and restored it to an instance (same issue).  What I am noticing is that the WebMin Version is wrong.  On my system it is 1.55 but the instance is 1.52.  So obviously the TKLBAM backup is not restoring everything as I think the instance is built with a standard build andf then restored over (confirm?).

Can I do an upgrade from the CLI of the instance?  If so is it just an install?  I am no LInux CLI guru to say the least.

I like the Turnkey appliances with Webmin cause they work with little fuss.

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