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I found articles (or topics) discussing how to limit what is backed up, but how do I restore only a particular folder?

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So you might have to have a little play to get it to work as desired. Have a look at the docs here. Looks to me like the --limits switch should do what you want.

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Hmmm....  Ok.

Suppose the folder I want to restore is:  "/srv/storage"

How do I construct the restore command?  

This looks pretty easy, but I'm confused on the syntax to use here.



--limits=LIMITS: Restore filesystem or database limitations

LIMIT := -?( /path/to/include/or/exclude | 

-Todd Forsberg

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But reading from the yntax I'd say that to just restore /srv/storage you'd use something along the lines of

tklbam-restore --limits=/srv/storage

or if you wanted everything but /srv/storage then you'd use (note the '-')

tklbam-restore --limits=-/srv/storage

But to be sure perhaps test in a VM.

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