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Hi all

I would like to test zimbra. I have installed it by default with any special configuration.

In the admin mode there is as server as domain

there is 4 users,, and 2 other.

I start the user interface with and send an email to

I logged with but get no email

Shall I start something else????



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The domain is exactly that, an example. You can not actually use it. I'm not familiar with the Zimbra appliance but AFAIK you need to set a proper domain and you also need to configure DNS. If you don't have your own domain (or not one that you want to use yet) then you should be able to set up a local DNS (with a dummy domain) to test it. I suggest you have a search here on the site and you should be able to find some info to get you started. I recall seeing posts about this some time ago.

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you re right

I just setup the DNS


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And have a search through the forums. I just had a quick search and haven't found a lot of clarity TBH. But I'm sure there have been posts about it over the years. In fact I'm sure I recall quite detailed instructions posted by one of the devs back when the appliance was first launched (was quite a while ago now... 2009 perhaps?)

Unfortunately you'll just need to search through the forums and hope you hit gold. Be great if you find it if you could post back with the link and/or include a link in the docs (the docs are a community editable wiki).

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