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I have a TurnKey Linux installation (Ubuntu 8.04) with a multisite Drupal instance running on it. I rebooted the server today, and when it came back up, everything that had been put on there since July 2010 had disappeared. Since the server is for test sites, it had never been added to our company's backup schedule, so we have no backups on other servers. Is there any chance that the server would have backed up the files somewhere or is there a way to revert it to the state it was in yesterday? A few people put a lot of work into one of the sites and I would hate to see their work go to waste. Thanks in advance for any tips anyone might have.
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If so then you can restore a backup using that.

Otherwise you may be out of luck. Still it seems strange that everything would just be gone... When you say everything is gone, do you mean that the server comes back up and it all works but just has no user data? If so double check that you aren't accidentally launching into the live environment ie if the TKL CD (or ISO if its a VM) is in the drive that it's not just booting off that. The other possibility is that you were already running off the live CD? But surely you would've realised that before if this server has been running for well over a year...

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