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Hello friends-

My host operating system is Windows Xp.
I am running Joomla 1.5 appliance on VirtulBox. Under the VirtualBox networking, the appliance is having host-only-adapter as well as NAT.

Thers no issure to connect to internet for updating webmin / finding n installing new modules to webmin.

But my joomla is not interacting to the internet. The component like Akeeba backup oftenly interact with their parent website to check for the new version. I am also trying to install jomsocial and FLEXIcontent, which also requre to download updated packages like zend libraries from external link, but nothing is working so far for they cannot interact to their manufacturer's websites.

Please suggest that how can installed third party joomla components can  interact to their respective  manufacture's webstes to be successfully installed?

Any help would be highly appritiated!... thanks in advance
Warm Regards

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Which in my experience works fine, but I have also heard of others who use 2 adaptors - a 'host-only' for working with the appliance, and a NAT for outgoing external internet access. I assume that this latter scenario is what you guys are doing?

In my experience 'bridged' works OOTB with no modification required. I recall in the past there was a version of VBox which was a bit buggy and had some problems so perhaps this is again an issue? Also I don't have a firewall or proxy running. If you do then obviously you'll need to play around with those.

I would try troubleshooting network connection initially and if you still are having no joy, then perhaps try an older version of VBox just in case. If you can tell me what version of VBox you are using and the version of TKL then I can double check on XP sometime soon.

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Thanx jeremy for your quick resopnce.
You are correct, I am using two adapters. NAT for outbound connections and internal for virtual matchine.
Whenever i bridge both of them, one fails.. my modem has a class A IP and the LAMP accepts only class C IP. Whenevet i bridge the two adapters, then i am forced to config TCP manually, which allows only one to work.
Bridgin is perhaps not for me....

Anywayz, ofter posting this, I did further R&D. I am not very sure, but perhaps this can also be traced to cUPL and fopen , I suppose.

I absolutely have no idea how to work with cURL and fopen, nor know anything bout PHP... I hope something can be done.  :-) :-)

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If you are going to use a VBox bridged adaptor then you can get rid of the second adaptor. One bridged adaptor can provide both host and internet connection. The IP should auto configure via DHCP, although personally I usually set a static IP so you know where to find the appliance

It is to be expected that a VBox NAT'd interface has a alternate class IP. AFAIK the IP is set by an internal VBox DHCP and the connection is generally used for outgoing connection only anyway.

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My machine has a class c static IP, which makes sense for my browser has saved passwords for webmin , phpmyadmin, etc, etc.... with two adapters, everything is working fine.. i can update webmin and install packages via shell...  seems like one adapter helps matchine to interact with external internet. and othe adapter can be used by the browser to communicate the matchine...

by command line, i installed cURL , n that worked... My joomla component , Akeeba backup can now communicate with its vendors website, n report that its upto date....

However when i try to install jomsocial! in that, it fails to fetch the zend library packeges... 
its still getting complicated, that one component can interact to outside, but other cannot fetch something... 

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I know nothing of Jomsocial but perhaps it needs addition of a source.list entry (if it uses apt packaging to download Zend)? Or maybe there is some external firewall or proxy issue (ie nothing to do with TKL specifically) stopping access to the required servers. If you can find out where it is trying to download stuff from your could test connectivity by pinging the server from within your TKL appliance.

As for your networking, I wasn't suggesting that you need to use 'bridged' networking just that it's probably easier to configure (IMO). If you are unclear about how the different virtual networking options work have a read here.

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I dont think that firewall is creating some isues.... 
The packages need to be downloaded from  (however a manual installation wont work, the setup requires their download at time of installation itself.)

I am able to succesfully ping and some othe required IP / DNS as well from my shell in a box.
I am on Dual Virtual NIC and it seems to creat no issues/ complications.

Seems like i am being trobuled for no reason by my joomla installation.
Additionally i reffred this thread but still its of no help......

I know nothing about php and suppose fopen may help....  may you suggest something on fopen()

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