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I just released my Dynamic DNS address.  It said NONE in the ip address.


Then I restarted my TKL vTiger machine.


After booting up - I refreshed my HubDNS and now it has my IP address listed there (looks like it updated).


But when I type in the ****.tklapp.com address - I get the TurnKey HUB this address is NOT AVAILABLE screen.


Please advise...

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David, I just checked your tklapp.com hostname and its resolving to your vtiger appliance. There might have been a delay in DNS propogation...

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Thanks for checking.  Apparently something 'triggered' that is causing my access to the domain while INSIDE on the same local network - to block or not complete the connection.

I too, when outside my local network, was able to access the domain no problems.

The only thing I did was to upgrade my vTiger - but NONE of the network settings changed on my router.

What would cause accessing the site INTERNALLY to work one moment (and had been for weeks) - then all of the sudden it's not working from internal only?  Of course - I can get to the site by typing in the exact IP address that the dynamic domain is pointing to - so that just confuzes me.



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Depending on your network config, it could be a local DNS server, your router and/or the local machine. Using the nslookup command you should be able to check where your local machine is getting DNS from and what IP the name is resolving to. Then you'll need to flush the DNS cache of whatever is giving you the wrong IP.

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