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I am running the Turnkey Torrent server. I am attempting to use the Linux Version of Utorrent. I have everything installed and runninge well. I am trying to configure SSL for the Utorrent login. The server uses Stunnel4 for all other SSL connections. Utorrent doesnt support SSL authentication so I need to use a proxy. My question is when I do a service scan It appears that the server is runnning a Http-Proxy alread, but I have no idea what the name of the server is or how to configure it.

Does anyone now anything about this proxy service?

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And last time I checked it was still in beta and reports were that it was a little flakey. In fairness though, that was a while ago and I never actually tested it myself. Personally if you're not happy with the default torrent client in TKL Torrentserver, I'd be more inclined to go for a native open source app that is already in the Ubuntu repos like Transmission. I have used it on my Ubuntu desktop and it works well. AFAIK it can be easily run headless (accessed via a WebUI - without installing too many extra dependancies) and you can even connect to a headless install from the desktop client (from what I've read).

Still, if you'd rather go with uTorrent then I'm sure it's doable.

So to answer your real question, I'm not 100% sure what server is running by default. A good place to start looking would be the server manifest and the changlog, you will find a link to both on the appliance page.

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