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Is there a way to take the default 20GB shared partition in VSphere 4.1 and make it say 120GB.

I know how to add the extra 100GB to the VM, but how do you then add it to the file server??

any advise on how to do it would be apprectiated.

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Add the new disk to LVM. See this blog post here.

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Here is the quicky way for others..

Add to excisting Drive
create partition
make it 8e
#pvcreate /dev/sda3
#vgextend turbnkey /dev/sda3
#lvextend -L+100G /dev/turnkey/root
#resize2fs /dev/turnkey/root

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And as such doesn't have the relevant tools installed. You'll have to do it the other way and manually mount the new HDD to the current filesystem where all the data is. A little more mucking around, but still doable.

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I also needed to extend my TKL virtual appliance disk.

This worked like a charm.



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Is there any safe way to reduce the size?

I now copied the same wordpress alliance and am using nginx for load balancing. 

I tried using lvreduce on a dummy install but everything goes south. Cant even open webmin.

Maybe a defrag before reducing the size? To put the data at the front of the drive...

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Basically the opposite of enlarging the LV (when you make it bigger you need to increase the LV before you increase the filesystem size - when reducing you go the other way...). But be careful, because if you reduce the filesystem to smaller than the size of all the files you will have dramas. The commands won't error, you'll just lose random data (somewhat similar to what you've experienced already).

A quick google turned this up which at a glance seems reasonable (although I didn't test it, from memory it appears correct). Note that TKL uses LVM 2 (ie follow the caveat).

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