Feeling kinda dumb here.  I have a fresh install of LAMP in a Virtual Box machine.  I am a Linux newbie, so I don't know much about what I'm doing, but I can usually figure stuff out eventually.  But I can't seem to access the Webmin.  I've attached a screenshot of the configuration console screen that lists the address links, but how do I get to them?  Hitting TAB or the arrow keys doesn't get me anywhere.  But I can go to advanced menu or toggle back and forth to the command prompt just fine.

Am I supposed to be able to use the mouse to click the links? (The mouse is neither visible nor usable on the linux screen).  Or do I need to type something directly into the command line?

Thanks--and sorry for being so dense.

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Actually Webmin is a web interface. It's not a local UI envirnoment like Windows. Point your browser to the URL shown in the main screen:

https://<your IP>:12321/
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i have tried to piont my browser to and an error connection occur. What is wrong?

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I suggest that you start a new thread detailing your environment, networking setup and exactly what you are trying to acheive...

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I have solved the problem by setting the second network adapter available in VirtualBox which is set as Bridge. The first one was NAT. Then the second one allows me to connect via a local network. What really happens I don't understand very clear.

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For an explanation of the different networking options read the TKL docs.

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Merci, Jeremy,


you helped me a lot. Your link on virtual networking explained seems to suit me well.


with best wishes,


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Happy TKLing! :)

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downloaded the turnkey pdc iso and loaded on a dual core workstation I had sitting around.


Install went fine until it got to the advanced menu for network config - whether I choose DHCP or configure a static address, it doesnt accept the settings


so i exit the configuration, which takes me back to the CLI, but after logging in as root, i cannot get the webmin to launch

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I suggest that you start a new thread, and I'll need details of what hardware you are using... At a guess it sounds like the drivers for your NIC aren't loading (which would be odd...). Or some other networking issue...?

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