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Hi TKL folks,

I've recently discovered your tklapp.com dynamic DNS and decided to switch out my Elastic IP for talentware-trac.tklapp.com for one of my instances running through the Hub.

First issue was that when I released the Elastic IP, Amazon didn't assign me another public IP address. Solved this by rebooting the instance from SSH.

Then I installed the hubdns package, ran hubdns-init and hubdns-update, which returned successfully but did nothing (i.e., DNS didn't resolve).

I then looked at the Hub and, despite the reboot, it still believed my instance had the old (now released) Elastic IP, and talentware-trac.tklapp.com wasn't linked to it. I decided to reboot again, this time from the Hub interface.

After this second reboot, the public (dynamically-assigned) IP was correct, and talentware-trac.tklapp.com appears as associated to it. However, the DNS resolution still doesn't work. hubdns-info reports it correctly, but when I ping I just get back the tklapp.com root IP.

Please help!


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I just had a quick look and it seems to be working now! So I guess it must've just taken a little while to propagate?

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Wow, must have happened in the last 5 minutes. Thanks!

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