Issue with dynamic DNS in the hub

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Hi TKL folks,

I've recently discovered your dynamic DNS and decided to switch out my Elastic IP for for one of my instances running through the Hub.

First issue was that when I released the Elastic IP, Amazon didn't assign me another public IP address. Solved this by rebooting the instance from SSH.

Then I installed the hubdns package, ran hubdns-init and hubdns-update, which returned successfully but did nothing (i.e., DNS didn't resolve).

I then looked at the Hub and, despite the reboot, it still believed my instance had the old (now released) Elastic IP, and wasn't linked to it. I decided to reboot again, this time from the Hub interface.

After this second reboot, the public (dynamically-assigned) IP was correct, and appears as associated to it. However, the DNS resolution still doesn't work. hubdns-info reports it correctly, but when I ping I just get back the root IP.

Please help!


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I just had a quick look and it seems to be working now! So I guess it must've just taken a little while to propagate?

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Wow, must have happened in the last 5 minutes. Thanks!

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