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I tried doing this in VMWare but seems the appliance went out and got its Time somewhere else.

Just trying to clean some files up and give the clean up a 12/31/11 entry date.

Anyone know where to do this..  Webmin?  WebShell?  Somewhere else?

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AFAIK, by default the appliances will use UTC time/date and will get the time from the main Ubuntu time server.

You can update the time zone by followiung this blog post.

Generally the Ubuntu time server should be fine, but if you want to change it then that can be done via editing /etc/ntp.conf (look for the line that says 'server ntp.ubuntu.com' and change that). ALthough I think if you use the Webmin method you can adjust that from within Webmin itself? Let me know if you can't and I'll have a look.

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