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I am using Turnkey Bugzilla (latest release) since a week on ESXi 5. I can see tabular reports but when I click on "Bar" or "Line" no charts are shown but just an empty frame telling me that the graphics is not found on the server. How to fix this?

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But I couldn't find an answer for you. In this appliance Bugzilla is installed from the standard Ubuntu 10.04 repos so I am assuming that it is either a config issue, or a bug in the package (possibly a dependancy missing or something similar). Sorry I haven't got a better answer for you...

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The TKL bugtraker is hosted on Launchpad. Unfortunately it isn't single-sign-on so you'll need to create a user account there.

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Thanks for reporting the bug. It's promted me to have another quick look.

Something that jumped out at me on a further look, is that on the official bugzilla site it states that there are 'optional' packages called libchart-perl and libgd-graph-perl which both sound suspiciously like something to do with graphs and charts... As it turns out neither are installed in the TKL Buzilla appliance (see the manifest here).

I'm not a gambling man, but my first guess would be to install them and hold my breath and cross my fingers and hope that it's that easy to fix.

To install them try this:

apt-get update
apt-get install libchart-perl libgd-graph-perl

Let me know how you go.

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Jeremy, thank you for your kind help. I have installed the missing packages and rebootet the VM, but the problem is still there. Remember, I can see dependency trees as graphics, but solely the charts in the reports are missing. So I think it is more a configuration problem, like missing access rights etc.

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But I was hoping that perhaps it may be that easy... Obviously not...

I'm assuming you probably did, but did you restart the server? Perhaps it needs that before it works...?

TBH without puttting some time and energy into it (neither of which I have enough spare ATM) I don't think there is much more I can do...

You could try going through all the packages listed on that page I linked to above and see if that makes any difference?

If you're interested in trying to work out where this bug comes from then I suggest that is in a VM you install Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid server and install the bugzilla package and see if it works there. If the Bugzilla behaviour is the same, then the bug exists in the upstream Ubuntu package (rather than being a specific TKL bug, it's actually an Ubuntu bug). On the other hand, if it works fine there then it is a TKL bug.

Although in honesty either way, it's probably not going to get us anywhere at this stage. If it's an Ubuntu bug I doubt anyone from upstream (Ubuntu) will be concerned enough about it to backport a bugfix to a 2yo OS (despite the fact that it actually has 5yr support...)

And if it is a TKL bug, with TKL v12.x (Ubuntu 12.04/Precise) on the horizon I doubt that the TKL core devs (Alon and Liraz) would be wanting to spend too much time troubleshooting a bug like this (which may not even exist in Ubuntu 12.04) when the current images will soon be superceeded with a new major version.

If you can bear with this bug for now, my best advice is to not spend too much time on it just yet. When v12.0 is released (hopefully soon after release of Ubuntu 12.04 in late April) test that asap and if it still exists, then we can have a bit more of a look at it then and the best way to resolve it

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I just updated the bug report with the following: During development of TKL Bugzilla 12 I was able to reproduce the issue. Installing the following packages enables Bar and Line charts:

apt-get update
apt-get install libgd-gd2-perl libtemplate-plugin-gd-perl
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Thanks for fixing this! I confirm it is working very well. :-)

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