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Since few days I am using Turnkey Bugzilla on ESXi 5 and now I have to set up a working backup procedure. Due to company restrictions I must not use ANY external services for that but instead have to backup the data to a CIFS share (without ANY internet access used). I am not used to linux at all, but I managed to install CIFS support (apt-get install smbfs), create a mountpoint and mount the CIFS share. But how to tell the appliance that each night it shall copy all data there (I even did not find where the data files are or if MySQL is MyISAM or InnoDB, which seems to be essential to know)? It would be great if some Linux gurus could post the few commands here to set up that! :-)

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And just create a basic script that copies the relevant files across. (You can use the 'cp' command to copy, or even rsync...) If you need to 'dump' the database (I'm pretty sure Bugzilla uses MySQL but not 100%...) there are commands  to use but they escape me OTTOMH.

If you keep in mind that TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04 then you will find the Ubuntu forums and docs a wealth of info (as well as google in general).

So you would end up with a script that does the following:

  • Stops MySQL (and Apache and Bugzilla too probably, although not sure if you need to...)
  • Dump DB to a file.
  • Copy all relevant files to your SMB/CIFS share.
  • Restart all services

Then set up a cron job to launch this script at the desired time.

Sorry I'm not more explicit but I don't recall OTTOMH and don't have time right now to research it all for you...

FWIW, TKLBAM can backup to local or remote storage (doesn't have to be Amazon), but you do need an AWS account and initial internet connection to get that started. That would be your easiest option. Check the TKLBAM docs to read about this...

Another option maybe to make use of Duplicity (the backend for TKLBAM). I know nothing about it, but could be worth a look.

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