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When does cron run?

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When does the daily cron run for the LAMP TKL? I am using TKLBAM and I have the "Daily" set up to "Yes" but it is 3:30PM and the box still has not pushed a backup to TKLBAM. I set it up yesterday so I would of thought it would of done it by now?

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It's set randomly

Usually for sometime in the early hours of the morning, but if you haven't set the time on your appliance that could be anytime in reality (I don't recall what time TKL appliances default to if not set?)

You can find out what time they are set to pretty easily via the Webmin interface (https://<appliance-ip>:12321) Select System >> Scheduled Cron Jobs and then click on the one that includes tklbam-backup. You should be able to read what time it is scheduled to run.

If you want it to do a backup asap, you could always just manually set it to run using the command 'tklbam-backup' (or use the Webmin interface for that too).

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Thank you for the response

Thank you for the response Jeremy. 

Something seems to be broken because it is now day 2 and there is still no backup for yesterday or today. I looked at "System > Scheduled Cron Jobs" as you suggested and it appears that daily is setup to run at 6:25AM? (Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/eSeFc3Nn).

So now I need to know the steps I need to take to get this resolved. Is it broken between the TKLBAM hub and my server, or TKLBAM script, or is my cron proccess messed up? My guess is its not between TKLBAM hub and my server, because it can do manual backups just fine.

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Ok, So i know that

Ok, So i know that /etc/cron.daily/tklbam-backup is setup to execute and tklbam-init has already been initialized. Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/ZwZTJ1D1BQw. Any Ideas?

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Anything in the log(s)?

The default location is /var/log/tklbam-backup so have a look at that and see what it's been up to 9if anything).

Otherwise everything looks as it should... When you say it hasn't done a backup yet, what are you basing that on? Your Hub data? Or something else?

Also it may be worth seeing if cron is doing anything. I was under the impression that cron logged to /var/log/cron but it doesn't exist on my system and this suggests that you just need to check the syslog (/var/log/syslog). Sure enough there is cron stuff logged there!

Failing all that you could try running TKLBAM manually and see if that give you any troubles. Perhaps there is something else going on?

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A manual backup works. I'm

A manual backup works.

I'm saying the automatic backup is not working because TKL Hub is not showing any other backups besides the one I did manually. 

I'll view the logs now and see what they are reporting.

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Ok I looked at the system log

Ok I looked at the system log and I didnt see anything but it is VERY long, also the TKLBAM log has nothing related to the automatic backup either. Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/mELAAIeoqbe

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Ok, so given that I have a

Ok, so given that I have a full backup, I'm probably better off just starting a new LAMP stack and restoring a full backup to that right?


I'm thinking that maybe, somehow I managed to mess something up when installing php curl and the FTP server.

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Yeah give that a go

Although I wouldn't destory your current appliance until you can confirm that all is as it should be.

Another test you could do is manually run the backup script in the cron.daily dir (it will run silently, but should show up in log - it may not show up in the Hub though if nothing needs to be backed up).

If that works then you could continue with your current appliance and just set up a new cron job.

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this might sound stupid, but

this might sound stupid, but how do i the daily cron script?

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Just type the full path to execute it

So it's just /etc/cron.daily/tklbam-backup

And this should run the cron script (manually). You can then check your logs. To just get the last bit of your syslog (instead of having to wade through it all) you can use the 'tail' command. But I can't remember the exact syntax OTTOMH - it's perhaps just 'tail /var/log/syslog' ? - google will know! :) Assuming nothing has changed (since you did your manual backup) if the script is working as it should you should just see words to the effect that there was nothing to backup in your tklbam log.

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ok the most randomness thing

ok the most randomness thing just happened, i just ran it manually as suggested and NOW my hub shows the following: http://screencast.com/t/otTWQibEyPtn . Before i ran it manually it only showed the Full backup...

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ok, it looks like after i ran

ok, it looks like after i ran that cron, it kick started something and now it is working. Thank you!

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