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Hi guys

I have installed turnkey wordpress on a server, I can view the server on the local network but the site will not connect over the net. The website address is www.cjg-designs.com I have port forwarded port 80 for the local ip address that the server is using. Can anyone help me out here :)



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Looks like a DNS issue, have you pointed A records or NS records to the server IP?

When using port forwarding you should use another port for external access and 80 for internal. eg outside let say your IP is and you set the port up as 8001 you would of course connect as and that will translate to the internal server ip and port 80.

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If that works then it's a DNS issue. If it doesn't then it's a port forwarding/firewall/etc issue.

It's probably also worthy of note; that it is a contravention of some ISP's terms of service to host a server unless you are on a business type plan. Many of these ISPs block common server ports (80, 443, etc) to discourage that sort of usage.

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