For some reasons, I can't upload from extplorer. I modified the upload size and it was working perfectly until today. Anyone have any idea? I think I tried playing with user groups www-data... but got no luck..

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How you'd go with this?

Probably the first thing I'd do is check Apache error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log). Actually now I think of it, IIRC eXtplorer is hosted with LigHHTPd so perhaps look in /var/log for the Lighty logs.

I managed to get to some logs but they were all compressed [.gz] . What am I looking for here?  Wouldn't re-installing package extplorer stop the hassle of going through troubleshooting and of course quicker?


Also I am getting this error : 'dpkg: error processing webmin-tklbam (--configure):

 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127' .. Any idea? 


By the way sometime ago I spoke to you about backing up remotely between TKL and NAS.. If you forgot that's ok, but I came accross this on a google search :  'remote server needs to be listening on port 783 (rsync deamon). once you get your head around rsync and the rsyncd.conf file ' ...If you can help then let me know else I will try to dig for this conf file and edit it if I can....

Thanks a lot Jeremy. 

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So unfortunately that's not an option...

You may be able to reinstall (even perhaps update?) eXtplorer manually, although I don't know enough about it to have a clue how painful that may turn out to be...

As for your webmin-tklbam issue have you updated Webmin at all? I have heard of others having issues if they have updated Webmin... (Only guessing though, the error code means nothing to me).

Sorry I do vaguely recall that. Sorry if I never got back to you... I don't recall what or where I was up to, but config files should generally be found in /etc so I'd first check that and/or look for a subfolder, something like /etc/rsync is probably a good place to look!?

But a thought that springs to mind...
IIRC you were trying to use rsync over SSH weren't you? In that case I'm not 100% sure, but AFAIK you should only need port 22 (SSH/SFTP) open and listening, but perhaps I missed something somewhere?

Hi Jeremy, 

                Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It seems that opting for updates does not seem to be a good idea. I have upgraded webmin and I think it has changed the default url address which was previously showing extplorer. Now is it worth the time to spend to maintain this system ? I had everything up and running well before I deployed the system in place. I am having issues with extplorer where I can't upload and now with the url landing page...I guess I should stop using these updates which are the main culprit of issues here...

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As TKL appliances automatically have security updates applied to the main components you are generally best off living by the cliche of "don't fix what isn't broken"! If you do wish to update anything then thoughly test first to make sure nothing will break. Because TKL is quite customised, updating direct from upstream if you don't fully understand the implications and/or the customisations will often not end well (as it seems you've discovered first hand).

With a history of Windows admin I understand the desire to update everything as soon as possible. But it's not as advisable with Linux servers. Sure you may miss out on some bells and whistles in new versions but it is how the rock solid stability is acheived. There are on occasion exceptions to that rule, such if a security bug is discovered in an app, but with the devs being committed to security and the extensive TKL community I'd like to think that any such issues would be highlighted if they occur.

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