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I tried twice and though Amazon/Turnkey thought that everything moved fine and my primary root password moved, I am unable to access the phpmyadmin or mysql.  It seems the mysql Password is not transfering over the way it should in a normal migration.

The Error is PHPMYADMIN was saying:

Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.

I will try a two stage (ie install a base server with the same credentials) then run a Restore to see if that works...  I deleted those attempts..  this is a Magento install that has been Updated to 1.6.1 Magento.

Any thoughts on this?

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I'm not sure if that'd fix it but could be worth a try. IIRC its something like 'turnkey-init'. This will reset the root user, MySQL and Magento admin passwords (and phpMySQL uses DB user passwords, so the MySQL root password should get you in).

The only possible comlication maybe the updated Magento. I'm not sure how the scripts will react with Magento being at a newer version than TKL default. If Magento has left the config file(s) basically unchanged then it should work fine...

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